Pet Theft Awareness and Prevention

Pet Theft Awareness and Prevention

   It's heartbreaking enough to lose a pet, but even worse when you believe that your pet was stolen. There are so many desperate questions—Why would someone do such a thing!

Pet theft is more widespread than people think and it is not just confined to “bad” neighborhoods. Also, pet theft seems to be on the rise. The American Kennel Club has been tracking stolen dog reports since 2007 and notes a 31% increase in recent years.

Pet FBI has had reports of pets snatched from fenced yards, parked cars, front porches, anywhere a pet is left unattended. Occasionally we hear about people whose pets have been taken and dumped by a disgruntled neighbor or an angry spouse

It’s difficult to find young people who go missing and it’s even more difficult to track down a stolen pet.

Sometimes pets get to excited from playing outside not knowing they're already lost and far away from his/her owner. Having a GPS collar will prevent this from happening and make sure their safety is the number one priority when going outside.

Tragedic events like this can be prevented with the use of newly designed pet collars with GPS. Make sure that you set countermeasures for the worst case scenarios. GPS collars has the capabilities to transfer 100% accuracy of the location.


Things you need to do if you lose your pet:

1. Contact local animal shelters and animal control agencies

2. Search the neighborhood

3. Advertise/Post ads and give fliers to your area

4. Try the Internet. Social medias might help you

5. Be wary of pet-recovery scams.

6. Lastly, NEVER GIVE UP!


Recommended things that you need to prevent this kind of unfortunate events

1. Pet GPS Collar - Make sure to set countermeasures for worst case scenarios. GPS collars is one of the best way to avoid and prevent harmful events for your pet. To check the products please click the image below.

2. Customized Pet Tags - Make sure your pet is wearing a pet tag engraved with Name, address and a contact number. 

To know where to get customized pet tags please click the image below.

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