Maternity Travel Backpack


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Easier way to organize your baby's needs

When we go out with our baby, it is a big hassle and time consuming for us to organize all of their items that it won't spill or get stained from each other. Baby's needs such as water, bottle, milk and wipes needs to be carefully kept to avoid any contamination from dirt and germs.

Solve all of that problems with the use of our Maternity Travel Backpack, It is specially made to organize all of your baby's needs perfectly and individually. The bag is made from nylon fabric that makes it water-resistant.

It is built with 3 insulated pockets with aluminum foil that will keep any bottle warm for hours. It has large and spacious capacity with practical stroller straps. Maternity Travel Backpack opens fully when unzipped, it is easy to take out the things you need.


  • Safe & Organized - By individually separating your baby's needs it will prevent cross-contamination and makes it easy to be found.
  • Water-resistant - Maternity Travel Backpack will protect all all of  your baby's needs from getting wet and contaminated by rain water.
  • Saves Time - Hassle free and effortless to prepare all the needs of your baby