Head & Back Protector


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Prevent accidents from happening

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In our daily lives as a parent there are times that we won't be around to check on our lovely baby. There are places wherein we are not allowed to enter with them such as schools and some playgrounds. Accidents such as sudden fall may cause traumatic harm for a baby. 

Such unfortunate events can be prevented with this "Head & Back Protector" It has a soft and thick cushion to absorb the shock of falling. It will also protect the head,neck and back from any damage a fall may cause. 



  • Edge & Corner Guards - Baby's will be protected even from side or back falls.
  • Comfortable & Baby-friendly - Soft and easy to take-on and off made with cotton that would not irritate the skin of the wearer.
  • Cute Designs - Made with cute and beautiful designs that will surely be loved by our baby