Head Safety Strap


SKU: 11300078-1

Keep them safe and sound in sudden breaks and hump

Driving around with our baby is a fun and adventurous thing to do but sudden breaks and humps may bump their head. Babies does not have a good control over their body specially inside the car. 

Most of the time our baby got asleep when traveling. Using "Head Safety Strap" that will keep them safe and prevent any harm they may experience from unexpected events. It will keep their head steady and in comfort.


  • Comfortable & Stretchable - It is made with soft and breathable material that will provide the upmost comfort experience for any baby. 
  • Applicable to Any Car - It can be applied to any kind of seat of car even a sedan, 4x4 or van. 
  • Cute & Adorable Design - It will surely be loved by your kids and put a smile on their face.