Hi, we're the Greene's creators of Newddler.com. I think it's pretty clear the inspiration came from our kids. We were blessed with 2 under 2! Yup we have a newborn and a toddler hence the name Newddler. Our company will cater specifically to parents who have newborn to toddlers ages 0-4.

We understand it can be a bit challenging and a large learning curve raising young children especially if it's your first! Our goal is to provide not only quality and safe products but also educational material for parents. We personally use many of the products we offer ourselves. If we don't like it we don't sell it. There's review videos of us using products to show how they work or if they even do work. Everything from colic to car seats we will do our best to only stock awesome products. We all want the best for our children.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority because we feel that’s what people appreciate more than anything when choosing to spend their hard earned money with any company. We make sure that all products in our store are thoroughly researched and every detail is checked to ensure they make our parenting lives easier and our children love them.

We've all been customers of different online stores. Bad experiences give us a fear to trust and to doubt everything. We feel what you feel, that was a big factor in the creation of Newddler. You can find many of your child's needs and wants without having fear and doubt of sub-par service or products so we have around the clock customer support. It’s pretty much a place you can enjoy shopping again without any hassle! So take a look around, read some articles and if you get time let us know what you think!

Newddler 6 Point Service Checklist