Safety Floating Guide


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Safe way to enjoy swimming for our baby

When our infants grow to 2-3 years of age and experience swimming they'll surely love it. They would even ask their parents to buy them an inflatable swimming pools.

Swimming is a good way of exercise and at young age it is also the perfect time for them to learn on how to swim. When we are getting older it will be harder for us to learn how to swim because the fear of drowning is already in our mind.

Young people specially babies does not have or developed much fear in drowning that has good and bad effect. It might also cause them to jump even at deep waters.Secure their safety with this Safety Floating Guide will serve as a fun floating jacket that will keep them afloat anytime. 


  • Keeps Them Afloat - Even when they jump on deep waters that their feet won't reach will never be a problem Safety Floating Guide will keep them floating as long as it is inflated.
  • Cute & Adorable Design - It will surely be liked and loved by our baby
  • Floating Guide - It can be a tool to help them learn swimming faster